Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday, February 2

Objective: the students will be able to identify different governmental styles and the elements of a democracy.


  1. Types of Government Power Point/Notes
    1. Cornell notes on the slide show LINKED HERE
  2. "Who Rules" handouts
    1. Complete the fill in the blank on different styles of government using the reading provided (see me if you missed this for the papers necessary)
    2. Finish before next class if you didn't already turn this in
  3. "So...How Democratic Are We?"
    1. See me for this handout also
    2. Decide whether each example (1-8) fits your definition of democracy.  Identify each as democratic or undemocratic and explain why.
    3. Worked on this as a table group
    4. We will complete, discuss, and turn in on Monday
HW: none unless you didn't complete the "Who Rules?" handout

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